Andrea Snow is running the 40th New York City Marathon on November 1st, 2009.
Be among the ones to cheer her and follow her route online.

Any pledges, be it on a (per kilometer, per time or lump sum) will go to help children at the Care Home.

Our first target

The first fund raising target of the Trust will be to buy and specially equip a mini bus for the disabled children. This bus will be primarily used for excursions and trips for the handicapped children, something they have never had and are not likely too, unless we provide it for them. We believe this will be a vital link to improve the development of the children to grow and become well-adjusted and integrated members of society.

  We are contacting manufacturers and importers directly in order to get the best deal and we hope to bring the cost below €45,000. Some of our friends and contacts in the automotive business in Hungary have offered their assistance and influence to obtain the best prices. The Care Homes themselves have pledged an operating budget to maintain and run the minibus from City Funding.


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